Anthony Garcia: GuideOn CEO/Founder And Former Army Med Corps Officer

Hear how Anthony figured out his passion and purpose through a chance encounter at grad school.

Anthony Garcia on SuccessVets

Anthony Garcia is a former Army Medical Service Corp Officer and Medical Air Evacuation Officer with tours in Iraq and South Korea. He’s also a Cornell University MBA graduate. Today he’s the CEO and cofounder of GuideOn. GuideOn’s propose is to assist U.S. military service members and veterans transition to the private sector by providing skills transparency to employers and corporations.

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GuideOn on SuccessVets
  • GuideOn matches veterans to exclusive job opportunities.
  • connects veterans to support transitioning into a successful post-military career. Join the conversation with Anthony and me! 

Insights From The Interview

  • Why going from the military to graduate school was a difficult and great learning experience.
  • How Anthony almost dropped out of business school and what got him to finish.
  • The difficult realization about service and life after the military.
  • The importance of finding purpose after the military.
  • How failing changed Anthony’s mindset about networking.
  • How one talk changed Anthony’s career path toward entrepreneurship.
  • What Anthony learned from his first startup business failures.

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