Michael Betancourt: Overcoming Self Doubt In The Pursuit Of Your Passions

How did this veteran go from the Marine Corps to running a startup accelerator for veteran owned companies?

Michael Betancourt is a USMC veteran who is now the Regional Director, San Diego, of Vet-Tech, a startup accelerator for veteran entrepreneurs. Vet-Tech finds, develops, and funds veteran owned companies through its accelerator and training programs. In this interview we talk about the GI Bill, exploring different interests while at school, and how he got involved with social startups.

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Part 2

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Insights From The Interview

  • How Matt conquered self doubt to go back to school after the Marine Corps.
  • Why veterans have an advantage when going to school after serving.
  • Why Matt recommends going to a full time program to maximize your GI Bill benefits.
  • File your paper work 6 months ahead  via VONAPP (link under Resources)
  • Steer clear of some of for-profit educational institutions.
  • Don’t sell yourself short when applying to schools.
  • A great way to network — why you should get involved while you’re at school.
  • What veterans are bad at when they first transition.
  • Why it’s OK to try things you’re not sure about.
  • How getting involved with your passions can lead to your dream job.

  • What Vet-Tech can provide for your startup idea.


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