Charlie Linville: Marine Veteran Amputee On Climbing Everest And Setting Big Goals

How This Wounded Warrior Decided To Summit Mt. Everest To Inspire Others

Charlie Linville Marine Climbs Everest

Charlie Linville is a Marine veteran and recently became the first wounded warrior to climb Mt. Everest. In this interview, we talk about the challenges he overcame as an amputee, how his military training helped him prepare, and what his journey can teach others about goal setting and transitioning from the military.

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Charlie Linville Wounded Warrior Summits Mt Everest

Insights From The Interview

  • Why you need to be actively engaged in managing your care to ensure proper treatment of your injuries.

  • How preparing and training to climb Everest is like training for combat. 

  • How climbing helped Charlie's transition and recovery.

  • What he did when the leg he planned on using broke before his summit climb.

  • "If you don’t ask for support, people don’t know to give it to you."

  • Charlie's insight on why it's important and beneficial to set big goals.

  • How the climb gave Charlie purpose in his transition after the military.

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