Robert Gowin: Mentors For Military Veterans

Why veterans need mentors and how they can develop the right mentor relationship.

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Robert Gowin is a retired U.S. Army Master Sergeant and current Fortune 50 executive who founded Mentors for Military and hosts the Mentors for Military Podcast. Within the private sector, Robert has worked over the last 14 years in management consulting and has consulted at international companies and Fortune 50 companies at the executive team leadership level and above. We chat about his career, veterans in other countries, and the key elements of mentorship.

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Insights From The Interview

  • The lack of experience in transition assistant personnel and how it detracts from the transition process for many veterans.
  • Why you should learn from the best, not necessarily just fellow veterans to find out where you add value.

  •  Why Robert's resume says almost nothing about the Army.

  • How he translated his military skills and experience when job searching.

  • How transitioning can be a big ego deflater.

  • How and why Robert started Mentors for Military, LLC.

  • What sort of mentors to seek out.

  • How to approach someone you want to mentor you.

  • The difference between coaching and mentoring.

  •  What is a personal brand?

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