Nicholas Bradfield: Simple Do-It-Yourself Investing That Beats The Pros

How can veterans and service members better manage their money, especially for retirement?

In this interview, Nicholas Bradfield and I chat about budgeting, retirement savings, and investment advice for veterans and military service members. Nick is a Marine veteran, financial advisor, and founder of Divvy Investments, which is simplifying retirement investing for the do-it-yourself investor. While working at a big box brokerage firm one day, his boss told him to, "care less about his customers." Nick quit the next day and decided to figure out a better way to help investors on his own. Hoorah!

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  • You can find out more about Nick and reach out to him through his LinkedIn. You can also find him on Facebook and on Twitter @DivvyInv
  • Interested in setting up your investing portfolio with a bit of guidance? Check out Divvy Investments.

  • Nick also mentioned checking out Vanguard for general information on investing, as well as, Kiplinger's, Yahoo Finance,  and Money Magazine.

Insights From The Interview

  • What you need to think about with you personal finances when you transition.
  • Diving into different aspects of TSP and where to put your retirement investments.
  • What to look for in a financial planner.
  • Why fees will kill your investing.
  • Why simplicity is your friend in investing and how Divvy Investments can help.
  • Why mutual funds don’t beat index funds.
  • What asset allocation is and how it works.
  • Modern portfolio theory, risk management, and volatility
  • Why watching the news won’t help your retirement investing.
  • What some brokerages really think about their customers.

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