Dan Evans: The Marine Corps' Social Media Expert On Building Your Brand And Story

How can you use social media to your advantage as part of your career transition?

Dan Evans is an active duty Marine and the Social Marketing Director for the United States Marine Corps. He is responsible for developing and rolling out a comprehensive social media strategy for over 1,000 recruiters across the Western U.S. In addition to being a Marine, Dan is a fellow podcaster, husband, and father of three. In this episode, we talk about managing your social media as a professional, personal branding, and using it to tell your story to employers.

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Insights From The Interview

  • Using social media to get warm introductions.
  • How do you pick which social media channel to use?
  • How the Marine Corps recruits with social media, and how you can do the same.
  • What goes into YOUR brand?
  • Why it's important to be consistent across your public profiles and accounts.
  • Mistakes to avoid when using social media.
  • What to fill out in your summary for LinkedIn.
  • Making the most out of every interaction with new connections.