Matt Miller: Succeeding and Leaving the Corporate World to Run His Own Business

How did this veteran entrepreneur get started with just one gum ball machine?

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Part 2

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Insights From The Interview

  • The tradeoffs Matt considered between a successful corporate career and entrepreneurship.
  • How reading, "Rich Dad, Poor Dad," changed his life.
  • How Matt got started really, really, really small in entrepreneurship.
  • How success at his job ended up hurting his career.
  • Why Matt got bored in his career and why he needed to change.
  • Why you need a business coach.
  • How Matt’s goal in his career and life are all a part of his lifestyle design.
  • Don't care about what other people think — live your life for you.
  • The simple change in thought process that Matt teaches his team so that they don't get stuck on challenges.
  • “Life’s too short, and there is way too much opportunity in today’s day and age to be stuck doing something you don’t like to do.”
  • The military skills Matt relied on to successfully build his business and career.