Doug Pfeffer: Building A Non Profit To Help Veterans And Their Families

How this veteran is helping to build a non-profit with services to assist veterans and their families.

Doug Pfeffer entered military service 1990 when he enlisted in the United States Navy. In 1994, he transferred to the United States Army. After a 24-year career, he left the military but still felt that he had so much to give back to both his community, as well as the veterans who came before him, and those to follow. In 2013, he accepted a position as the Chief Operating Officer for RallyPoint/6, a non-profit focused on helping Veterans in the South Puget Sound Region of Washington state. In this capacity, he is able to continue serving veterans through employment assistance, career counseling, as well as several other vital areas of focus.

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Insights From The Interview

  • How RallyPoint/6 is helping all veterans and their families with the challenges they face.
  • The type of market research you should do to help figure out what career into which you should go.
  • Helping veterans with housing.
  • How partnerships with corporate America are providing veterans with skills, certifications, and jobs.
  • "On the days that it's really hard, you can get a lot out of passion."
  • What a veteran brings to the corporate world.


  •  Check out RallyPoint/6 and the services they offer. Anyone can connect, even out of state.