Molly Laufer: How She Started Her Career In A Totally Different Industry After The Military

How do you find and get a job in a totally different industry after the military?

Courtesy of Matt Helbig

Molly (Harris) Laufer is a former Navy Surface Warfare officer, having served on the USS Samuel B. Roberts and Destroyer Squadron 23 as a Divison Officer, Public Affairs officer and Training and Readiness Officer. After leaving the military she networked her way to becoming hired as employee number 1 at Naturebox, a Bay-area startup that delivers carefully sourced and nutritionist-approved foods like sriracha rice crackers and watermelon fruit chews. Today she is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing at Naturebox. In this interview, find out why Molly says it's important not to rule yourself out of positions because of job require-ments, how networking influenced her transition, how she approached working in a new industry, and how her military skills translated to her civilian career.

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Insights From The Interview

  • How working with a mentor helped get Molly on track in her job search and helped hold her accountable.
  • How she figured out companies like Google or Facebook weren't right for her.
  • Doing industry and company research -- something you can start early on in your transition.
  • Why she ruled herself out of a lot of jobs she could have gone after. 
  • Why you shouldn't fall in love with a "dream job" and get discouraged if you don't get it. 
  • Why submitting your resume for open positions is a tough way to get a job.
  • Reframe your thinking when evaluating job descriptions to see if a few indicators of success is in your background.
  • "How to ASK," when networking.
  • Getting over thinking you don't "fit in."
  • What military skills translate to a startup.
  • Talk to people at various stages of the transition to give yourself perspective.


  • Molly has graciously offered to connect with veterans. You can reach her on Twitter @MollyLauf or through LinkedIn.
  • Check out her company, NatureBox, who deliver deliciously fun, naturally easy snacks, right to your door. They ship to APOs and FPOs!