Matthew O'Dell: Marine and Army Vet - Owner of Reveille Joe Coffee Co. And Finding Inspiration In Tough Times

How does a coffee shop help veterans?

Courtesy of Matt Helbig

Matthew O'Dell is a Marine AND Army Veteran. He is the owner of Reveille Joe, an award winning coffee company in Murfreesboro, Tennessee. Reveille Joe provides a “comfortable, tranquil, living room atmosphere” where veterans can find all of the information they need and speak openly about their issues. The coffee shop was inspired by Matthew's personal experiences after leaving the military. His vision includes building a successful business that incorporates his passion for supporting veterans.

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Insights From The Interview

  • The inspiration for starting Reveille Joe Coffee Co., and it was not just about making money.
  • What helped Matthew get out of depression and who saved him from suicide.

  • Why not just veterans need a place to commune — and how Matthew is doing it with a coffee shop.

  • Be constantly aware and reach out to your friends. You have to be proactive and be willing to prod people to find if they are depressed.

  • Finding perspective to get pass tough moments in life.

  • You have to find your support system to keep you accountable. It helps in all aspects of life — business, and personal. This support system can help identify areas that you need help.

  • Think of it as a mission to accomplish things you are not comfortable doing.

  • Matthew’s goal to donate to veterans as part of his business model.

  • Learn as much as you can when starting a business, but nothing will get you ready until you actually do it.

  • Look for people with experience to learn from.

  • Within a year of transitioning, find out where you are going to move to and look for growing areas. Find out about organizations in that town that offer job opportunities and mentorships.

  • Speak to the volunteers at USOs - they are great for information on opportunities in the local area.

  • Always keep charging that hill!