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Jason Vranes: Taking The Leap To Business And Going Back To School After Retirement

How to follow your dreams when everyone else thinks they can't.

Jason Vranes is retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. Since retiring, he’s been working on getting his PhD while heading up the sales team for a very interesting business. In this interview, we talk about where he got the confidence to start this venture, how his peers wish they could do what he is doing (and what's holding them back), and many more tips on job searching, building a solid financial base, and adjusting to the transition.

Part 1

Part 2

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Permission to Speak Freely, Sir? Better Think Twice Before You Do.

What they don't tell you about the veteran's (mis)adventures in the civilian world.

Strong leaders encourage dissenting points of view and candid feedback. But don’t assume your boss desires either. Give an honest point of view, and you could invite some rather unpleasant, unintended consequences.

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You're The FNG. Now What?

You're the new guy or gal in the company. What are some missteps to avoid to get started off right?

When I first started my corporate job, my boss (a former Green Beret) sat me and another recently hired vet down. “I was debating whether or not to tell you guys this,” he said. And then he proceeded to lay out all the different relationships in the company. Which sales people didn’t get along with each other, which ones did, what good skills to learn from some, and bad ones to be aware of from others. It was the most enlightening talk I had in my career. The social landscape he described was as mixed up as the warring families in Game of Thrones. If you read a recent contributor’s article, Corporations Have Plebes, Too. And You’re Probably Going To Be One, you’ll see how critical understanding these relationships can be to your new career. Miss it, and you might fall under someone else’s wrath. When you’re the new guy, you’ve got a lot more to learn than just your job.

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