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Veterans Benefits You Should Be Using

What benefits are you missing out on?

In this episode, I break out top veterans benefits that you should take advantage of right now. I highlight programs and services, give my insight on how effective they are, how to get the most out of them, and where to find out more. You can get the full list of resources by visiting the SuccessVets Veterans Benefits page.

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I Just Bombed Another Interview

I just bombed another interview. It wasn’t even for a job this time. This time, I was being interviewed by another podcast host for his show. But I could feel the same anxiety and tension in my neck whenever someone puts me on the spot with a series of questions. Each minute that passed brought a greater strain in my throat. I had to remind myself to breath and slow down and enunciate and stay interesting. But the thoughts couldn’t help but creep into my mind. Stop rambling and make your point! Is that a word? Why are you pausing…say something! Not that!

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