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Paul Dillon: Vietnam Vet Goes Into Consulting, Entrepreneurship, and PTS Care

How mental health care and culture can be improved for veterans.

Paul Dillon On SuccessVets

Paul Dillon is a U.S. Army Reserve veteran who served in Vietnam. He is a Certified Management Consultant with more than 42 years of experience in the professional services industry and is the president and CEO of Dillon Consulting Services, which serves the veteran entrepreneur community. He is also on the leadership council of the Kennedy Forum, an organization looking to promote leadership action in mental health and behavior care in this country. We talk about the difficulties of transitioning from the military during the Vietnam era and the state of mental health care today. 

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Charlie Linville: Marine Veteran Amputee On Climbing Everest And Setting Big Goals

How This Wounded Warrior Decided To Summit Mt. Everest To Inspire Others

Charlie Linville Marine Climbs Everest

Charlie Linville is a Marine veteran and recently became the first wounded warrior to climb Mt. Everest. In this interview, we talk about the challenges he overcame as an amputee, how his military training helped him prepare, and what his journey can teach others about goal setting and transitioning from the military.

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Marine Summits Everest To Inspire Other Wounded Veterans

First Wounded War Veteran Summits Everest

This veteran shows the power of pushing your limits and the inherent strength of the human body and spirit. Hoorah, Marine!

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Military Tax Tips To Know Before You File

Don't miss out on benefits, deductions, and extensions you may have as a military member.

Ryan Guina is a veteran, small business owner, and writer over at The Military Wallet, a personal finance site for military members. I asked him if he had any advice and resources to share for the upcoming tax season and he came up big. He's collected everything he's got and summarized them here for you, along with the direct link for more information if it applies to you. Read on for:

  • Tax Filing Prep
  • Reporting Health Insurance Coverage under the Affordable Care Act
  • Travel Deductions and Expenses for National Guard and Reserves
  • Deployment Tax Benefits
  • Combat Pay Rules
  • Tax Deadline Extensions
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