You deserve to be paid more.

Here's how to get what you want, without losing the offer.

Otherwise, your employers are just taking advantage of you.

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I'm Byron, the founder of SuccessVets, a site I started to provide the most helpful content, strategy, and actionable guidance for veterans in their transitions after the military. You can find more resources like this one, along with podcast interviews and articles with other successful veterans. To learn more about the book, keep reading...


Not negotiating can be more costly than you think. According to the researchers, assuming a 5% average annual pay increase over a 40-year career, a 25-year-old who negotiated a starting salary of $55,000 will earn $634,000 more than a non-negotiator who accepted an initial offer of $50,000.”

- Michelle Marks and Crystal Harold, Who Asks and Who Receives in Salary Negotiation


That means most people are losing over HALF A MILLION DOLLARS in their lifetime, all because of an unfounded fear of negotiating. After learning this, I sought out to discover how the experts do it.


This book is a collection of my lessons learned from negotiating several salary increases throughout my career and from helping family and friends do the same. We ended up being PAID MORE, while being MORE RESPECTED by our employers for the value we brought to the company. 


Find out why you shouldn't fear losing an offer or your job by simply asking for a raise.


Learn the strategies and tactics behind all negotiations so that you can adapt to any situation.

"In their paper researchers found that employees who negotiated their salary boosted their annual pay on average of $5,000."

- Fast Company


 The book takes research-backed strategies and tactics developed by experts and professionals and explains them in real world scenarios. I've helped people negotiate with Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, and industry leading employers.


"I got comfortable with the process after working with Byron. I went into my negotiating knowing that I deserved more. I was happy that I got the courage to ask. The negotiation was simpler and smoother than I expected."

- Ed Varone, Army Veteran, consultant at a Fortune 500 company


"I didn't think there was much room to negotiate, but I figured I'd ask and do what Byron suggested. I ended up with a 5 figure bonus and a bunch of expenses paid off that I wasn't expecting!"

- Sarah Longmire, Navy Veteran, marketing director at a start-up


My goal when I started SuccessVets nearly two years ago was to help as many service members as I could with their transition. I wrote this book because this question about how to negotiate a salary kept coming up in conversations I had with people leaving the military.


I want to get this in the hands of as many people as possible. When I launch the book, it will be available for free for a short period of time. After that, it will go on sale on Amazon available for Kindle and in paperback. Download it during the promotion period and keep the book for free for life.



If you miss the launch, you'll still be able to buy the book on Amazon. Thank you, because it will help keep this site going. I guarantee it will be worth itNo really, I do. Raising your initial salary compensation can lead to hundreds of thousands of dollars in lifetime earnings. Negotiate just one time, and the book will have been worth your time. And if you end up feeling that the book did not help you, send me an e-mail with the receipt, and I'll refund you what you paid for it.


My promise to you as a fellow veteran, is to take care of you, first and always. 

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