Matt Helbig: Army Infantry, Pharma Sales, Defense Contracting, and Entrepreneurship

How does this veteran work on a startup from Afghanistan?

Courtesy of Matt Helbig

Matt Helbig is a graduate of The American University in Washington DC and a former Army Infantry Officer. He’s currently working on Valid8: A Social Network for Startups. Prior to Valid8, Matt worked in sales, marketing and business development for both Startups and at least one Fortune 500 Company. He has also been a fundraising campaign manager at Project Welcome Home Troops; a non-profit dedicated to preventing veteran suicide.

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Insights From The Interview

  • Location preference may limit your ability to work with a recruiter, so be clear on your intentions.
  • Matt gives his thoughts on the major recruiting companies available to veterans.
  • Use references to find out the "style" of recruiting companies.
  • How to work with being a generalist or when your only hard skill is leadership.
  • Don’t forget to highlight collateral duties, especially for federal jobs.
  • People love numbers.
  • Connect collateral billets to to the job position to show relevant experience.
  • Understand the perspective of the person who is interviewing you — they aren’t trying to hire you, they’re trying to do there job well for their bosses.
  • The more difficult the job, the more interviews you can expect.
  • Use the STAR format for answering interview questions.
  • Keep a toolbox of stories that can be used across several interviews or questions.
  • Testing your message in sales — have a plan and stick to it.
  • Getting a defense contracting job using job boards.
  • Learn quickly to move on.
  • Don’t forget to ask for help.
  • How Matt uses LinkedIn to hack the job interview process.
  • Write a personal note when networking on LinkedIn.
  • Negotiate your salary.