What I've Learned After a Year Out of the Military

How is life after the military? My thoughts after one year...

I transitioned out of the Marine Corps 1 year ago. The time has flown by. In this podcast, I reflect on that time and pass along some of the things I've learned. Maybe it'll help you as you transition. Or maybe it will help you decide to stay in. Check out the 9 things that I found out from my experiences in the civilian world.

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Insights From the Interview

  • Networking (duh).
  • The onus is on you to seek self-improvement.
  • Do I enjoy it? Yes, but I do miss some things from the military.
  • What you say in the corporate environment is important -- be careful!
  • Opportunities are everywhere -- but you have to go and get them.
  • The path to success is not linear.
  • Service is still important.
  • $$$$ is not the only factor, or the most important one.
  • Self awareness leads to happiness.