Tom Wolfe: Recruiter, Author, Coach

Courtesy of Tom Wolfe

Tom Wolfe is an author, columnist, career coach, veteran, and an expert in the field of military-to-civilian career transition. During his career he assisted thousands of service members in their searches for employment, placing more than 3000 in their new jobs. Prior to civilian life, he graduated from the U. S. Naval Academy and served as a surface warfare officer. He teaches transition courses, gives seminars on career and job change, writes about the career transition process, and continues to counsel current and former military personnel. In this interview, we talk about making the decision to get out, interviewing tips, and steps you can take right now to set yourself up for success in your transition.

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Courtesy of Tom Wolfe

Find Tom on his website at Out-Of-Uniform.

He is a regular contributor to, Military Transition News, TA Online, Army Wives Network, and Veterans of Modern Warfare. Tom is on the Board of Advisors at Vets360 and Zone214. His book, Out of Uniform: Your Guide to a Successful Military-to-Civilian Career Transition, was published by Potomac Books in 2011 with a second printing in 2013.