Interview with Jake Murray

Courtesy of Jake Murray

Jake got out of the Navy as a Lieutenant submarine officer. He served on the USS Pennsylvania as an Electrical Assistant, Chemical/Radiological Controls Assistant, and Main Propulsion Assistant. He parlayed his experience into a career in the energy industry. He is now a Coordinator in Pipeline Risk and Integrity at Access Midstream. Jake found a lot of value out of using Alliance, a top recruiting firm for military officers. Find out about his journey!

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Alliance: Alliance is a premier career transition firm for recruiting military veterans. One of the largest job posting sites on-line.

Bradley-Morris: The largest military job placement firm in the U.S.

Courtesy of Jake Murray

Jake has graciously offered to connect with anyone through LinkedIn. You can also check out his awesome blog at where he mixes cool drinks like a maple bacon old fashioned or an absinthe appletini. Let him know you heard his interview on SuccessVets.