Making The Resume Connection

Is connecting your military accomplishments to your resume challenging for you?


You never realize how different the language used in the military is until you try to translate it in painstaking detail to people judging every bit of it. 


Cameron-Brooks is a junior military officer career recruiting firm with professionals on staff that help their candidates craft a resume. While you would have to go through their program to get individualized feedback, they keep a pretty helpful blog on a variety of topics like this. 


Remember, your resume isn't a litany of career accomplishments. It is a method of garnering interest in you as a potential employee. Find out what they recommend in how you to go about starting yours.


"Keep in mind that many bullets can connect with multiple career fields (e.g., you can bring out project management aspects of a team leadership bullet when applicable). Make sure that your most significant accomplishments are at the top of their respective time block/job on your resume and are written in a way that show competencies that connect to your top career fields of interest."


Check out my take in the podcast, Get Your Resume Right.


Check out the article on the Cameron-Brooks blog.


Got any tips out there? Let other vets know in the comments below.