Career Transitions And The Road to War

"I suddenly knew the feeling of being thrust from the safety of an organization (College) without a plan. Because of that, I promised myself, I would not get out of the Navy until I did something. This is why the road to retirement begins at boot camp (or Officer Candidate School)."

-Bob Wheeler on Veteran Transition Diary


My 1stSgt used to tell me to prepare for a twenty year career, even if I wasn't sure if that was my long term goal. That meant doing the little things like keeping up with my professional military education, maintaining my official records, and networking with senior officers and enlisted. I would recommend taking the same approach with your transition. You just never know when you might decide to get out of the military. Do the little things, like continuing your education, maintaining a resume, and reaching out to a network that can keep you infomed about the opportunities on the civilian side. And this is much easier the sooner you start.


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