Veterans: Recruiters Want To Hire You But They Need Your Help


Ever wonder what companies are looking for when considering hiring veterans? Check out this article from Forbes.


Companies are looking for talented veterans. You hear it all over the place. But you have to make it easy for them to hire you. Carmine Gallo has a great article at Forbes on the subject. Veterans run into trouble when they think of their skills in light of what they did for the military. When you're job searching, your skills should be explained in light of what you can do for your future employer. 


“Job seekers must think like recruiters,” says Chris Galy, director of talent acquisition at Intuit. “Read the job description carefully, understand what pain the hiring manager is trying to solve with the role, and describe specifically how your experience and leadership skills will make that company successful.” Galy told me that too many job candidates are vague, sending the same pitch to multiple companies or hiring managers. “Veterans and other job seekers who don’t have the exact experience often wing it and hope they get lucky. Generally, it doesn’t work.”


He goes into more detail on some faux pas on resumes and pitches, as well as some fixes for both. Remember, your experiences are great, but the familiarity level of a company with veterans varies. They may appreciate what you've done, but they might not appreciate or understand what you can do for them.